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Ultimate Hayride Audio Box

PRICE: $1,200

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Want to make your tractor drivers tour guides? Need consistent messaging for your school tours? Need to make safety announcements for your insurance carrier?

The original hayride audio system makes any driver a tour guide. Maize Quest created the original hayride audio system for farm tour wagon rides. Now the system is deployed on parking trams, trains, festival shuttles and farm wagons across the country and around the world.

The ULTIMATE Hayride Audio Box is THE feature-rich, audio system for the agritourism and haunted hayride industry.

NOTES: The ULTIMATE Hayride Audio Box features the power of our Super Hayride Audio Box and should be paired with our Premium Outdoor Speakers for best sound quality. Choose the optional weather-resistant enclosure for open station tractors or trams.


  • Pedestal mount
  • 12V Direct Wire Power - Connect directly to your tractor's battery to power the system.
  • 8 Push Buttons - For pre-recorded messages
  • Quick-Clamp Closure
  • Stereo Output and a Monitor Speaker - The stereo output gives you two channels of FULL power for loud effects, additional speakers, even "panning" effects from left to right channels with correct audio file set-up.
  • PLUS Wireless, Handheld Radio Integration - Allows you or a tour guide or actor to talk through the audio system from anywhere using a handheld radio. (Handheld Radio must be purchased separately.)

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Ultimate Hayride Audio Box


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