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Corn Maze Game Pak

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Has your maze been the same for a few years? Don't risk your guests getting bored. Give them something new to do in your maze. Let's face it: Walking around can get boring after awhile. Mazes that rely solely on a "walk-in-the-stalks" to entertain guests are not going to grow repeat visits or new guests. Our Game Paks are designed to help any maze operator give guests a more interactive, educational, and fun experience. The Game Pak features our Picture Find for youngsters. Guests collect pictures associated with the theme. The pictures appear like magic by rubbing the station with a colorful crayon. The Word Find features interesting, theme-focused questions and answers for all-age education. Maize Quest is the only maze company specifically creating "in-maze" games. We've been developing, testing, and improving these games since 1997.

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Corn Maze Game Pak


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