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Guess the Eyeballs Game

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Want to collect email addresses, but nobody wants to fill out the form?

Already doing a "Guess the Number" game, but want automatic marketing?

Games meet marketing in the perfect combination. Entertain your guests with Maize Quest's "Guess The Eyeballs" Game. Your guests submit their names and email addresses during the guessing process.

  • Buy the game.
  • Set-up your account by answering a few questions via email.
  • We do the programming to connect your guests to your farm and assign your Farm Code.
  • You post the sign by your GIANT pumpkin when it arrives.
  • Your guests log in using your "Farm Code" and submit a "guess".
  • Each guest is assigned exclusively to your farm and sent an instant reply "Too Low!", "Too High", or "Correct!"
  • Your guest gets an immediate link to a FREE Printable Maze Fun Pack.
  • Weekly you receive a list of guest names & email addresses to add to your marketing system!
  • Give out prizes at your discretion from your new list of email addresses!
  • MARKETING & FUN together!

  • 3ftx3ft full color, outdoor, UV-Treated sign on 13oz vinyl
  • Account Set-up for 2015
  • UNLIMITED Guesses from your guests
  • UNLIMITED Email Capture
  • UNLIMITED Too-High / Too-LOW / CORRECT Emails sent to your guests
  • (1) Follow-up offer sent to each guest email address
  • Weekly NEW email lists sent to you to add to your email newsletter program

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Guess the Eyeballs
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