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How We Do What We Do

At Maize Quest®, our goal is to make you more profitable.

We do that with a laser-focus on the guest experience in your maze attractions plus marketing you can easily implement or have "Done For You" by our team to put guests through your gate.

We design experiences, they just happen to be in cornfields.

Maize Quest® began in southern Pennsylvania on the home farm of founder Hugh McPherson. After returning from college, Hugh needed to do something to make his own way in the world from the farm. Instead of farming more acres, he turned to entertainment.

The home farm has grown from that first cornfield maze into the Largest Collection of People-Sized Mazes in the World: The Maze Fun Park. You are working with a team with hands-on experience.

We are NOT a vendor. You have us year round on your side.

Our corn maze packages are created as subscriptions with a low monthly payment. No big invoices, no big checks upfront because we are not a vendor, we are your partner.

You get a team of people who live and breathe agritourism every day of the year. We operate a maze-based fun park for profit. The Maze Fun Park is our testing ground for new ideas, so you get ideas that work. Corn mazes were the beginning of our journey in attraction design, but cornfields are only part of the future.

We believe to remain relevant to your guests you have to keep adding, pushing, and working to be the best.

By choosing Maize Quest®, you are participating in the future of mazes. You are committing to the continual improvement of your guest experience.

You should hire people who fail. Fail, fail, fail.

You don't have to because we've already done it. In nearly 20 years, we've tried just about everything and gone through the failures, so you don't have to. If you want to see maze attractions implemented to the Nth degree, visit our home park. There is more out there for your guests and your location and we are pushing the envelop to find the Next Big Thing.

Request about corn mazes call right now by clicking here, or just pick up the phone and call Hugh at 717-382-4878 ext 102.

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