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The Maize Quest Difference - Corn Maze Fun

Maize Quest® Maze System Overview

The Maize Quest® Corn Maze System is not just a walk in the stalks; it is a balanced scavenger hunt designed to challenge but not to frustrate. In order to run a successful corn maze operation, you must entertain a wide-spectrum of guests long enough to warrant the admission cost. Whether you are adding a corn maze to your current operation, starting from scratch, or upgrading your existing corn maze, Maize Quest® is here to help make your operation a success.

The Maze Design:

Operational efficiency starts with design. If you have been told that the design "doesn't really matter," don't believe it. We cut our vandalism by 80% when we brought Designer Dave on board. Design matters.

Maize Quest Corn Maze System Highlights:

Corn Maze Packages
  • A Maize Quest design combines a striking overhead picture with a carefully crafted maze challenge.
  • Our signature games teach as they entertain. Every Maize Quest Corn Maze uses our themes to provide top quality, school-tour-ready education. The educational research work is done for you.
  • The maze pathways are designed to minimize the temptation to cheat through the corn, disperse guests quickly, and to challenge your guests.
  • The proven Sections by Color system adds interest, keeps guest moving, reduces vandalism, gives clues for the games and adds to the scavenger hunt system.
  • Corn characters and maze artwork connect guests to the theme and provide a uniform visual experience.
  • Modular design and volume printing saves money on operating costs.
Maize Quest Corn Mazes Signs and Ciphers

The Big Sign and Ciphers:

We create an illustration of your corn maze design which you can use to advertise your attraction. We also use this image on our "Big Signs" and "Ciphers". These are 4'x4' vinyl displays at the entrance to the maze (The Big Sign) and at strategic places inside the maze (The Ciphers).
  • The Big Sign: Customers see the entire maze with the striking 3D effect. This celebrates your maze as the land art that it is.
  • The Secret Cipher©: A 4' x 4' display located deep in the maze shows the color coded sections and the location of stations.
  • The Super Cipher©: A 4' x 4' display hidden near the exit of the maze shows the location of all stations, specifically.
Maize Quest Corn Mazes - Word Stations

Word Stations©:

There are nine word stations hidden in the maze which answer two questions from the game sheet. We carefully research each theme to make sure the questions and answers are interesting, fun, and educational.

School groups are especially interested in the educational value of the corn maze theme. The word game also includes a word scramble as a final challenge.

Maize Quest Corn Mazes - Word Stations

Picture Stations©:

A popular Maize Quest® innovation, nine Picture Stations feature an image etched onto unbreakable glass that allows the guest to make a "rubbing" using a crayon. Our rubbing library now contains almost 500 pictures. Depending on the theme, rubbings could include types of dinosaurs, pirate flags, faces, or anything that compliments the overall theme.

Maize Quest Corn Mazes - Maize-o-Vision© Stations


There are four Maize-O-Vision© stations in a maze, one for each color ribbon. These allow guests to place the map section of the game sheet (see Game Sheets) under a red lens. Since the map is hidden, the Maize-o-Vision© lens reveal the map (see photo below, right). The station number corresponds to a number on the map showing where the guest is located in the maze. Guests may also purchase Maize-O-Vision© glasses so they can read the map at all times - though this is no guarantee against getting lost if you lose your place.

Game Sheets:

Groups of guests take a game sheet and crayon into the corn maze (golf pencil optional). The game sheet reinforces the rules and goals of the corn maze and contains the areas needed for guest interaction with the stations described above). The back of the game sheet has a map of the maze printed in Maize-O-Vision. We also print the maze in black & white if Maize-O-Vision is not preferred (this makes the maze easier for all guests).

Rubbing Stations Picture station crayon rubbing simulation
Fence Mazes Picture station sample rubbing pictures
Maize-O-Vision Maize-o-Vision© Station simulation
Corn Maze Packages Start at $347/month!
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Corn Maze System Overview GOLD Level System Compare Corn Maze Systems


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