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Maize Quest® FAQ

  • Who works well as a Maize Quest® franchisee?

    A potential Maize Quest® franchisee is an established business owner seeking to enhance its present business with a family entertainment attraction, primarily through the use of existing assets. Operators should possess a desire to operate an attraction based on family entertainment, education, team building and cooperation.
  • How is the Maize Quest® System like a co-op?

    The Maize Quest® system operates a lot like a cooperative. Our responsibility to our operators is to find the absolute highest-quality services and the best idea people then spread the cost out over our whole network of farmers. Example: No single farm, could afford a world-class designer and artist such as Dave Phillips to create the materials he has created for Maize Quest®.
  • How is Maize Quest® like a franchise?

    Maize Quest® is very much like a franchise. You might be familiar with the business model from the fast food or auto parts industries. We tightly control the design and customer experience inside the maze. If you were to visit any Maize Quest® across North America, you would notice that, while the theme of the maze is different, the quality of the materials, presentation, introduction and merchandise is consistently top-notch. The wheel has been invented. When you join our team of operators, you are plugging into our system of quality entertainment. All you have to do is follow our construction guidelines, recommendations, marketing tips and merchandise program and we walk you through to success.
  • How is Maize Quest® like a licensing company?

    To maintain strict control over the public experience, you license our materials to your farm over the contract period. We maintain ownership of the materials, copyrights, and trademarks to protect our investment in characters, research, thematic elements, special effects, and designs so you are protected from imitators.
  • How is Maize Quest® like a research & development company?

    At our flagship location at Maple Lawn Farms, we test and develop new mazes and entertainment concepts with over 30,000 guests before we roll them out to you. As a Maize Quest® operator, you have first choice of all new designs and attractions. With Maize Quest®, you have an expansion path to grow your business from a fall event to year-round entertainment. Maize Quest® is designing, building and testing the 'next big thing' in agritourism each and every year.
  • How is Maize Quest® different from a 'vendor'?

    Maize Quest® is not just a vendor. You may purchase other attractions al-a-carte, but when you join the team as a franchisee, you receive all the benefits and services needed to create a Maize Quest® experience according to our guidelines. You have options to suit your individual needs. The easy way to make one-size-fit-all is to reduce a product to a minimum of features and options. With Maize Quest® you get the custom design approach. If you need a maze, you may purchase one. If you need full support, we include it in a maze package. You don't just purchase a picture, you join a team.


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