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What Will Maize Quest® Do for You?

Kernal Corn

  • Improve Guest Experience
  • Grow Your Revenue
  • Get Help from Planning to Implementation

Since 1997, Maize Quest® has been helping farmers, and now a much broader range of entertainment operations, do the same thing: GROW.

The guest experience is everything. It's marketing. It's sustainability. It's experience. It's word of mouth. It's what we build for you using our time-tested systems.

Corn Maze PackagesWhat you get as a Maize Quest® Corn Maze Client:

  • A custom corn maze design created specifically created for your field and desired theme.
  • Your maze cut for you into your field by our GPS installer.
  • All the games, game stations, worksheets and signage to entertain and educate your guests.
  • Most importantly, help marketing your farm to get guests through the gate to PAY ADMISSION.

Don't gamble on your first impression.
Maize Quest's proven approach improves return on investment.

You get a maze design and the full guest experience to go with it. Adding Maize Quest games and attractions improves existing operations. We work with you to create your unique maze theme and design, then we plan out exactly where game stations are placed, provide the educational information, and develop the signage so you can easily create an experience your guests want to talk about. You don't have to do any of the creative work. You just "plug-in" to the system we've tested for you.

You get us on your team from planning to implementation.

When you join the Maize Quest® team, you're in the family. You get access to our experienced staff and the rest of the Maize Quest® operators. You'll have access to all of our business support materials, manuals, curriculums, marketing assistance, and you'll also have the opportunity to join in on online classes and our yearly Maze Master Summit.

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"Teaming up with Hugh and Maize Quest has impacted everything I do in a very positive way. Ag entertainment is taking my business to a level I never thought possible."

- Mike Marini, Marini Farm
Ipswich, MA

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