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The Maize Quest® Agritourism and Maze Design Team

When you join Maize Quest®, you are joining our team of operators and hiring our team of people in the home office to work for you. Read on to meet the people working for you and your Maize Quest® Adventure.

Hugh, The Maze Master

Hugh McPherson, The Maze Master

Hugh built Maize Quest® from the ground up. His experience helps build entertainment value through attraction selection and marketing know-how.

Maize Quest's operational and marketing systems were developed from Hugh's hands - on experience and his compilation of information from across our network of operators. That system saves you time and money while it builds traffic.

Hugh's the 'Big Idea' guy who lives for creating innovations in maze-based entertainment. Are you looking for the next big idea?

Maze Designer Dave

"Designer Dave" Phillips

Is your maze being designed by a farmer or a maze designer? We flat out stole Dave from the publishing industry where he was a syndicated puzzle creator and published over 40 books! Designer Dave has been a professional maze designer and artist for over 30 years.

Why Dave matters to you. His mazes make your job easier. Dave's designs are based on his study of people at the flagship location. You have more fun operating your maze because the maze design reduces customer tension, aids employee control and handles crowds efficiently.

Dave's superior designs accomplish all these things while creating beautiful aerial pictures. Dave's creative control is evident in the uniform feel of Maize Quest's materials. His drive for perfection in design is unparalleled in entertainment farming. Design matters. A focused, professional designer of Dave's caliber simply is not available anywhere else.

Michelle Posey, Group Tour Director

Michelle Posey, Group Tour Director

If you want to learn about booking group tours, and we know you do, set an appointment with Michelle.

Michelle's booked over 700 tours in a season, single-handedly using our tour booking system, She's seen and heard it all from group leaders and she knows how to close the sale.

As part of your Maize Quest® package, Michelle is available to consult with you as you develop your group tour marketing system. Could you use a qualified consultant to help develop group - marketing ideas?

Tim Day, GPS Corn Maze Installer

Tim Day, GPS Corn Maze Installer

During the summer, you are busy. We met this 'need for speed' by developing our own method for installing corn mazes and large scale advertising logos with GPS.

Tim, our Shenandoah Valley Virginia Maize Quest® franchisee, has become the master of installation saving our operators time and money by cutting their corn mazes cost effectively.

"Electronics Dave" Hahn, Maize Quest® Audio Systems

Our line of safety products began when Dave visited our maze and noted the sound system could use some improvement. Since then, we've developed a full line of safety, public address, hay ride, and in-maze game audio systems with his help. Our farm never sounded so good. Check out our standard products in the Maze Catalog, but let your mind run wild. We haven't been able to stump Dave with an idea or problem that needed solved in the audio arena. Shop for our Hayride Audio Products now.

Audra Jon Hoover, Website Developer / Graphic Designer

Audra Jon Hoover, Website Developer / Graphic Designer

Audra has been working with the Maize Quest® team for over 10 years. She offers website design and development and graphic design services that will help your marketing and advertising efforts look professional and fun! We believe in consistent and custom themes, designs and brochures for each operation. It's a higher standard than most designers, but it makes a marketing difference.


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