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How Maize Quest® Improves Your Guests' Experience

There is a big difference between a corn maze and a Maize Quest® maze.

More acres does NOT equal more fun. The Maize Quest® Corn Maze System is not just a walk in the stalks; it is a balanced scavenger hunt designed to challenge but not to frustrate. In order to run a successful corn maze operation, you must entertain a wide-spectrum of guests long enough to warrant the admission cost.

Whether you are adding a corn maze to your current operation, starting from scratch, or upgrading your existing corn maze, Maize Quest® is here to help you succeed. With our designs, stories, games and, most of all, our experience, we can help you build value the first year with Maize Quest®. We have invested heavily in testing, talent, and top-notch idea people to achieve growth and success for our Maize Quest® operators.

With Maize Quest®, you get a complete entertainment package from theme to creative field design, signage to story line, staff training to concessions, all to enhance the guest experience and 'grow' more customers.

In a nutshell, here's what you get:

  • Maze designs that keep guest moving and minimize vandalism
  • Colorized maze sections that add interest and improve efficiency
  • Quality games that teach as they entertain
  • Themed signs and artwork to engage guests and provide a uniform visual experience
  • Introductory corn maze video for guests with important instructions
  • Implementation and marketing support
  • Tested and proven taff training manual

Your competitive advantage as a Maize Quest® franchisee comes from our interactive games and thematic approach to entertainment.

Maize Quest® games are so engaging, they don't even require cornstalks to hold the customer's attention. In 1998 and again in 2003 and 2004, hurricanes damaged the corn, but the Maize Quest® adventure continued. We protect you and leverage your investment by building an entertainment brand that can stand without corn and create opportunities to entertain customers year-round.

Remember that making pathways in a cornfield is not too difficult. But creating a complete experience and designing a beautiful maze that challenges guests, eases employee management and moves people to become repeat customers is quite challenging. By choosing to join our quest, you are choosing the path to sustained success and market dominance.

A brand with a wide appeal

Maize Quest® appeals to families because it engages both parents and children, challenges them to work together, and rewards them with a sense of accomplishment. Maize Quest® is an attraction that draws children outdoors, away from television and computers, where they can interact with their parents in an exciting environment. Because of our excellent in-maze activities, Maize Quest® also attracts school groups, scout troops, church youth, camps, and corporate team building groups.

Give your guests the best! Make your corn maze more than just a walk in the stalks.

Maize Quest® pioneers in-maze activities for you with researched questions, secret decoder maps, word games, and more. With Maize Quest® maze designs, guests at each age level have something fun to do every 25 yards they walk in the maze.

Design matters.

Your Maize Quest® corn maze is created by a professional with extensive maze design experience. Our designer, Dave Phillips, is the maze design master with over 30 maze books in print! Your Maize Quest® maze operates efficiently and safely through good design.

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