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Jump Attraction Crowd Control Audio Box

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Do you have a jumping or inflatable attraction? Are you looking for more control over your crowd as they bounce? Take control of your inflatable with our specially designed Jump Attraction Crowd Control Audio Box.

Top 5 Reasons to secure your inflatable attraction with the Crowd Control Audio Box:

  • POWER - You need audio superiority to control crowds. Hook this system into our Premium Speaker pair and you have the power to get your message over the noise of bouncing patrons. This is our tried & true system from our Hayride Audio product line that our clients use to project messages over tractor noise.
  • EASE - Push-button operation takes the guess work out of training new staff. ANYONE can get it right. 8-Buttons come standard to allow message flexibility.
  • TIMING - Our professional recordings allow timed bouncing periods complete with safety announcements and cues whens its time to exit the attraction.
  • OPTIONS - Get the option to add more messages, add more speakers for larger attractions, use the included microphone to correct behavior, even send in your own script for custom recordings.
  • EASY INSTALL - The unit comes in a weather-resistant cabinet with a 110v AC adapter and tab mounts ready to install on a post near your staff's control point. Run speaker wires, hang the speakers and you are ready to go.


  • BYPASS MICROPHONE - Let your operators maintain control with special announcements.
  • PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS - Easy loading and unloading with timed announcements. Slow? Let them bounce for 5 minutes. Busy? Press the 3 minute button.


  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Audio System w/Bypass Mic
  • One Pair of Premium Speakers

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Jump Attraction Crowd Control Audio Box


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