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Guess the Eggs for Easter Game

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Want to collect email addresses, but nobody wants to fill out the form?

Already doing a "Guess the Weight" game, but want automatic marketing & email collection?

"Games & Marketing" in the perfect combination. Entertain your guests with Maize Quest's Guess the Eggs Game. Your guests submit their names and email addresses during the "guessing" process.

  • Buy the game.
  • Set-up your account by answering a few questions via email.
  • We do the programming to connect your guests to your farm and assign your Farm Code.
  • You post the sign by your GIANT Jar of Eggs (make your own or purchase our jar of eggs.)
  • Your guests log in using your "Farm Code" and submit a "guess".
  • Each guest is assigned exclusively to your farm and sent an instant reply "Too Low!", "Too High", or "Correct!"
  • Your guest gets an immediate link to a FREE Printable Maze Fun Pack.
  • Weekly you receive a list of guest names & email addresses to add to your marketing system!
  • Give out prizes at your discretion from your new list of email addresses!
  • MARKETING & FUN together!

  • 3ftx3ft full color, outdoor, UV-Treated sign on 13oz vinyl
  • Account Set-up for 2015
  • UNLIMITED Guesses from your guests
  • UNLIMITED Email Capture
  • UNLIMITED Too-High / Too-LOW / CORRECT Emails sent to your guests
  • (1) Follow-up offer sent to each guest email address
  • Weekly NEW email lists sent to you to add to your email newsletter program

Automatic Marketing Package Option (ADD $199):
  • ADD (3) more custom follow-up email offers
  • Custom set-up including your logo & web site link
  • UNLIMITED offer emails sent to your guests
  • Click here to add package to cart
Annual Renewal ($199)
  • Change your pumpkin's weight for the new year
  • Reactivate your (1) automatic email offer
  • Continue collecting emails as your guests "Guess the Eggs" again!
  • SAVE - use the same sign and Farm Code year after year

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Guess the Eggs for Easter Game


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