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Smile-O-Meter Game

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Did you ever want to give your visitors a way to share the fun they had at your farm? Ever want a way to leave the final impression, one of fun and light-hearted good times? That's why we created the Smile-o-Meter!

The Smile-O-Meter's cheery pumpkin face welcomes guests to answer the most important question: Did we make you smile today?

If so, the guest pushes the button on the smiley pumpkin's nose and adds to the count of smiles on the bright LED counter. They are rewarded with one of over 20 friendly sayings, thank you's and corny jokes about pumpkins.

The Smile-o-Meter will count smiles up to 99,999! Get this FUN new attraction for your farm this season and start engaging your guests as they exit, so they leave your farm thinking about how YOU made them smile!

Add the Smile-o-Meter to your farm and leave-em smiling this season!

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Smile-O-Meter Game


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