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Zombie Zonk Maze & Game

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How fast can you "Zonk" the Zombies?

Your guests will be scrambling through the maze to reach four "Zombie" stations. When they reach the station, they press the button to light up the Zombie's LED Eyes on the main game board.

"Can you beat my time?" At the Start Station, guests press the Start Button then race to tag the stations. As they go, the Timer LEDs light up to track their progress.

The player presses the Finish Button when he/she reaches all four pumpkins and escapes the maze. One press of the Reset Button and the game is ready to go for the next player.

Install it anywhere. The Zombie Zonk Game takes up just a 40ft x 40ft square to install and requires 110v power, but other than that, put it anywhere you need to entertain guests - in your haunt courtyard, near your pumpkin display, outside your corn maze, behind your farm market, near the apple orchard checkout .

Make the maze. The maze design for Zombie Zonk is included. You may build it out of straw bales lining the pathways, but we recommend a maze of post & rope.

  • Installation instructions
  • Start/Finish sign
  • 4 Zombie signs
  • Light-up LED timer and tracking lights, pre-wired and ready to install
  • Suggested maze design and specs


Zombie Zonk is a spooky version of Punchin' Pumpkins Maze & Game. Check out the other Maze & Game themes available!
  • Punchin' Pumpkin
  • Spookley The Square Pumpkin
  • Bunny Bop
  • Harvest Pumpkins
  • Fruit Punch

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Zombie Zonk Maze & Game

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